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Nicolas GA. Biligui was born in Cameroon. He is a Franco-Cameroonian Author. With his Space Opera "HEROICIS - The Chronicles of Liberty". He seeks inspiration in the great history of humanity, its myths and legends. His literary work is an odyssey, a journey to the stars, that navigates between apocalyptic scenario, climate catastrophe, stellar conflict and inner quest. Inviting readers to cross the timeline of ages, from the oldest mythologies to the present day, to finish by projecting us into a future where science fiction mixes with history. While giving you certain keys to understanding Man and his evolution, his work is meant to confuse you in your contemporary vision of this world so that it is the breeding ground for deep reflection.



Every 12,000 years, the ancient gods return to Earth to judge their creation. This cycle is called the Archaea, if they believe that man has made a mistake they then provoke Armageddon, from this apocalypse, twelve embodied souls from the first twelve tribes deposited on Earth are extracted. These men and women will be the legatees of their world, during the refoundation, they are called the Ambassadors, here is their story...

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